Feed speed: 7 m/min
Panel thickness: min 10 – max 45 mm 
Edge thickness in coils: 0,4 ÷ 2 mm 
Minimum panel length
(Side being processed): 210 mm
Minimum panel width: 95 mm

Chain panel feeder with rubber pads

  • Feed speed 7 m/min
  • Top bar with double row of rubber rollers adjustable in height

Logic functioning  controlled by PLC

  • Thermostatic glue control with automatic standby and temperature indicator
  • Complete automation control of the various operating units from the encoder located on the transmission system for panel feeding
  • Diagnostics system with messages for machine use and maintenance
  • Statistical operating data: total hours of machine use, total and partial metres of edges used.

2 free spaces available for finishing units

  • Edge scraper: perfect edge finishing, even in backlight
  • Glue scraper: removes glue residues, guaranteeing perfect panel finishing
  • Buffing unit: which polishes, giving uniformity to the colour of the edge where it has been processed

Glueing unit “PURE” (opt.)
Revolutionary glueing technology

“At last, perfect glueing for every level of investment”

  • The unit can work both with PUR or EVA glue, no cleaning is required even if machine does not work for a few days.
  • Manual loading with hot melt adhesive granules.
  • Quick and easy glue pot cleaning.
  • An extra interchangeable glue pot is avaialble, upon request.
  • Finishing, bonding and sealing of edge incomparable respect to traditional glueing systems.

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    Maximum finishing quality

    • Chain feeding system
    • 2 free spaces for finishing units

    High performance

    • 7 m/min feed speed
    • 45 mm panel height
    • 3 mm edge coils

    Minimum space occupied

    • 2,35 m length

    Easy to use

    • unit settings with a piece of edge
    • easy and intuitive use of machine

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