SVP 950

  • SVP 950
  • SVP 950 MANUAL vertical panel saw has a maximum vertical cutting height of 2200 mm and a maximum cutting length of 5300 mm. Thanks to the 300 mm diameter blade SVP 950 MANUAL panel saw succeed in cutting wood panels, such as plywood, phaesite, masonite, lamellar, listellar, multistriped OSB, laminaed, melamine, chipboard, acrylic, forex, HPL, lexan, macrolon, plexiglas, polycarbonate, polypropilene, PVC. Thanks to its powerful motor equal to 7,5 HP SVP 950 MANUAL panel saw cuts plastic materials with a maximum height thickness of 80 mm. Pusch Meniconi SVP 950 M engine is one of the most powerful and performing motors among vertical panel saws with a power equal to 7,5 HP. The manual SVP 950 panel saw is able to cut panels of hard materials such as cardboard, corian, insulated panels, poliyuretane and Trespa.

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  • SVP 950
    • High Depth materials cutting with a working plan of 5300 mm

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