Steel Working and Iron Machinery

For steel working machinery, we primarily offer the products from the leading brands in this sector Ostas and Inlanlar—both companies belong to Turkey, one of the prominent steel manufacturing countries in the world. Since a lot of equipment is necessary for the seamless performance of steel manufacturing process, we also source equipment from many other companies. With our experience in steel sector of Dubai and UAE and our professional team who knows the ins and outs of this business, we can quickly identify the best equipment that suits your varying requirements. 

Steel is the essential aspect of any kinds of construction works, such as roads, railways, other infrastructure, appliances, and buildings. It’s also an integral part of building stadiums, skyscrapers. And for any concrete structures, it is employed for reinforcement and durability.  Across the UAE, especially for Dubai, incredible infrastructure development is one of the key reasons that make the country distinct and an attractive destination. The largest building in the world, an array of luxurious seven-star hotels, world-class roads and bridges, etc. are the aspects that put the UAE among the most influential nations on the earth. 

Since steel is the primary material for all construction process, a lucrative business has been functioning successfully concerning the steel industry in the UAE. And we're glad to be a catalyst in this upward growth by providing sophisticated steel working machinery from well-known brands to our customers in Dubai and UAE. Whether it is beam and plate processing tools or the state-of-the-art surface treatment equipment, you can find from our stocks a complete range of high-end products that cater to all your steel working machinery requirements.

3R Ohs Model
CNC HAPP 225 30/25 Hydraulic Press brake

INANLAR CNC HAPP 225 30/25 Hydraulic Press brake

Automatic tonnage adjustment depending on thickness of material and V dieAutomatic, semi-automatic a..

CNC HAPP135 30/25 Hydraulic Press brake

INANLAR CNC HAPP135 30/25 Hydraulic Press brake

Configured from 3 Axes (Y1, Y2, X) to 8 Axes (Y1, Y2, X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2)Optional 3D controller..

CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

INANLAR CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

Inanlar AHGM variable rake angle hydraulic guillotine shear has strong structure and easy usage. Aut..

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

INANLAR CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Hypertherm HPR 130xd Plasma sourceAutomatic height controlESA 505 S controllerMetalix soft with auto..

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

INANLAR Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

General Features: %70 low electri..

HBM-75   Hydraulic Horizontal Bending Machine

SUNRISE HBM-75 Hydraulic Horizontal Bending Machine

 Excellent repeatability of cylinder stroke at accuracy of ±0.1mm (±0.004”). Easy to learn..

Heavy Duty Press Brakes

INANLAR Heavy Duty Press Brakes

Standard 3 Axes (Y1, Y2, X) Manual R Axis.Cybelec DNC 600 S 2D graphical Cybelec DNC 60 numerical co..

Heavy Duty Shears

INANLAR Heavy Duty Shears

Real Innovation, High Quality, High Performance and Good Price, User Friendly Control Unit..

IMS Series Electromechanical Shears

INANLAR IMS Series Electromechanical Shears

3 mm SeriesStandard SpecificationsBurel NC controller560 mm Manual backgauge.Squaring arm with ruler..

Iron Worker IW-100S

SUNRISE Iron Worker IW-100S

The double cylinder "S/SD" series are in the Sunrise tradition of well engineered ironwor..

Iron Worker IW-50A

SUNRISE Iron Worker IW-50A

The IW-50A features a vertical moving ram at the punching station for improved punching p..

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