Edgeband Compact PCS CEHISA

  • Although this model has been designed with a compact size, in order to be installed in workshops with small dimensions, this machine combines all the qualities of the most high-end edgebanders.
  • Panels: Particle board, plywood, MDF... from 8 to 60mm thick.
  • Edges: Melamine, PVC, ABS, PP, wood, formica, acrylic... 0,4 to 3mm in rolls and up to 5mm in solid wood strips.
  • Adhesives: Hot melt EVA and PUR (optional).
  • Equipment: High frecuency motors controlled by independent electronic inverters, pre-milling, gluepot, end trim, top & bottom trim, corner rounding and PLC controlled by a colour LCD touch screen.
  • Optional: DUOMELT, hot air blower, non-stick spray, cleaning agent spray, nesting, cabin lights...

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  • Brand:
  • Cehisa

  • Product Code:
  • Edgeband Compact PCS CEHISA

    The COMPACT PCS edgebander is the most advanced of the COMPACT series since in addition to the implementation of more powerful operating groups, a drag chain speed of 8 m/min, the possibilty to work 3mm thick edgebands, 60mm panels thick and up to 5mm solid wood strips, it comes with the Corner Rounding Unit and the Pre-Milling Unit as standard configuration.


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