• V320
Feed speed: 5 m/min
Panel thickness: min 10 – max 45 mm 
Edge thickness in coils: 0,4 ÷ 2 mm 
Minimum panel length (Side being processed): 220 mm
Minimum panel width: 110 mm
  • Leister Blower
    Power 3400 W
    Temperature adjustment 20°C to 520°C
  • Automatic Panel Feeder
    Feed speed 5 mt/min
    Toothed belt with steel strands inside for stiffness.
  • Working table
    Polizene working table – length 1800 mm
    N.7 small rollers with adjustable angle position for panel side pushing.
    Each roller can be quickly taken out for easy cleaning (2 mm version)
    Front extensible support up to 60 cm with polizene sliding fence.

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  • Brand:
  • Cehisa

  • Product Code:
  • V320
    • Ready to use in one minute
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Quick edge changing
    • Quick adjustments according to edge used

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