Okyanus X1 Automatic car wash machine

OKYANUS X1 types of Automatic Car Wash Machine is one of the best car wash systems which facilitates easy maintenance and safe operation. These swing (pneumatic vertical brush trolley movement swing on W350 types) system of OKYANUS machines are produced with different washing heights.

On our Rollover Type 3 Brush Okyanus X1 Model W states without dryer and WD states with dryer. There are 7 models that can wash Cars, Mini Busses and Midi Busses up to 240, 300 and 350 cm heights and Dry (WD) 240 and 290 cm heights. All the models except the 350 can wash the vehicles up to 220 cm width and W350 can wash up to a maximum width of 250cm.
Automated car wash – briefly about technology

It contains Decorative polyester top panel cladding and water shields, which are standard. The vertical brushes moves on the swing system. On the W350 models the vertical brushes move on the pneumatically driven brush trolleys plus the swing system. Inverter driven gantry motors for speed control and automatically controlled top brushes to set pressure on the car are the other technological standards of our best sold model.

On the dryer type models (WD) the alternatives are vehicle profile following top dryer with 2 fan type blowers or fixed drying system with 3 fan type blowers.
W type models washes the vehicle 2-2,5 min. with shampoo, WD type drying models washes, shampoos, waxes and dries the vehicle in 5-6 min.

OKYANUS yields best washing results for small cars as well as for vans and SUV’s. The electronic safety systems on the top brush gives to apply a soft, controlled and a safe wash on the vehicles. The ease and low cost maintenance requirement, and best car wash technology of this machine is the reason for the high demand. It is possible to assemble all the optional accessories easily to the machine.

Automatic car wash machine price you can know on request, because projects vary due to sizes, presence of dryer, shampoo applying, coin-operation technology and much more which you can check in “Optional Accessories” tab. We would surely be glad to hear your requirements. As during 25 years of experience we never had two 100% identical project. To calculate automatic car wash machine price, please, use “Ask for price” tab above images. There you can provide us required characteristics for desired automated car wash. After we receive your inquiry, we will provide you up-to-date information and price.

What is inside this automated car wash machine:   

  • Power controlled brushes – Trolley mounted motor chain or pneumatic movement & swing system vertical brushes (for 335 and 350 type)
  • Textile water splash guards
  • Front and Back Steel cladding
  • Emergency stop button
  • Painted Steel Construction Cladding (Standard on Okyanus Type)
  • Venturi for chemical dosing
  • The machine is equipped with anti tilt locks against wind
  • A perfect washing operation on the rear, front and sides of the vehicles by the swing system function
  • Side brushes are designed in free swing system giving safety to facilitate cheap and ease of maintenance and use
  • Elevated connection supply cables over a post
  • The gantry speed can be controlled by the inverter system which works with the gantry driver motors. There for in drying operations  higher efficiency is provided with low speed of gantry
  • OKYANUS can apply shampoo (both W and WD types) and drying agent wax (only WD types) to the vehicles
     Low voltage auxiliary circuits for safety
  • There is an electronic counter on the side pannel which counts the number of vehicles that have been washed
  • Bristles of the brushes, gear boxes, pneumatic and electronic components are the first quality products of major European   manufacturers
  • The machines are controlled by PLC computer to run different types of washing programs
  • All external screws are stainless steel
  • The two fans are automatically positioned to dry first the roof and then the vehicles side (WD)
  • The metal structure made of first grade steel sheets and are hot dip galvanised, phosphate coated and baked after electrostatic powder painted
  • OKYANUS type of machines are products of high car wash technology like the other DBF machines

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  • Brand:
  • DBF

  • Product Code:
  • Okyanus X1 Automatic car wash machine
    • Category: Car Washing Systems
    • Models: W240, W300, W350, WD240, WD290
    • Max. Machine W, cm: 390, 440
    • Max. Machine H, cm: 325, 375, 441
    • Max. Washing W, cm: 225, 250
    • Max. Washing H, cm: 240, 290, 300, 350
    • Power Installed, kW: 3, 3.5, 11
    • Washing+Drying time, min: 2,0 - 6,0


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