CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machines
  • Hypertherm HPR 130xd Plasma source
  • Automatic height control
  • ESA 505 S controller
  • Metalix soft with automatic nesting
  • Hypertherm manual gas console
  • AC Servo motorized driven gear box
  • Automatic opening suction zones on the table

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  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

    General Specifications

    • Hypertherm/Kjellberg high precision plasma power supply
    • Windows based CNC control unit
    • Automatic nesting software
    • Automatic torch clearance control system
    • 3D collision protection system
    • Automatic exhaust suction system for plasma cutting
    • Cutting table with higher burden capacity for oxy cutting
    • Accurate servo controlled motors on the “Y” and “X” axis
    • Durable elevator rails on the “Y” axis
    • Accurate grinded steel linear rail guides
    • Suitable bridge for multiple oxy torch applications
    • CNC unit can be mounted on the bridge on request.
    • Alternative Hypertherm plasma sources 130A, 260A, 400A

      -Inanlar Company IPL series plasma cutting machine offers all the features expected from a gantry machine.

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