Spray Booth MX6300

  • Spray Booth MX6300

Spray Booth MX6300
Inside Size
Outside Size
Main Door
3-folds, 2800x2500(mm) WxH
Personal Door
1 fold, 600x1800(mm) WxH
EPS (epispastics polystyrene) Colorful Steel Skin Boards, 50mm Thick, Tongue & Groove construction, Compound Construction, Aluminum-alloy Frame. Anti-flame and Heat-Insulation
Galvanized Steel Assemble, Height is 300 mm. Full grids. Two Embossed Steel Ramps: 1060x1750mm (WxL)
Light System
Ceiling lights: 8 units×3pcs×36w; Side lights: 8 units×2pcs×36w
Generator setting type
Side upper intake air, powder quadrate steel frame, coated steel.
Inlet Fan
Double-intake centrifugal fans
Blower capacity: 24000m3/h;
Power: 4kw;
Quantity: 2sets
Outlet Fan
Exhaust centrifugal fans
Blower capacity: 21000m3/h;
Power: 5.5kw;
Quantity: 1sets
 Heating System
 36pcs 1kw infrared light heating system
Purification System
Dual filtering structure, the primary filter can capture granules larger than 10μm. Ceiling filter can capture granules bigger than 4μm. Its filtering rate reaches 98%. Air pressure balance gauge, TSP≤1.2mg/m3
Controlling System
Lighting switch, spraying, risen-temperature spraying, baking, temperature controller, time setting, emergency stop, limited-temperature controller.
Total Power
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  • Spray Booth MX6300

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