Combined machine HX

  • The spindle diameter is 30 mm, the working lenghth is 120 mm. The up and down stroke is 140 mm.
  • Setting the height of the thicknessing table is easy and simple, the travel up/down is 230 mm.
  • The morticer unit guarantees a comfortable handling. The control levers are removable for the treatment of large workpieces.
  • The heavy duty tenoning table enables you to execute in all safety all tenoning work. Safety hood for tenoning with diameter capacity 260 mm.
  • The extra support table on the sliding table offers the possibility of machining big panels.
  • The large, hard anodized, jointer fence makes edge planning easy. Thanks to its special swivel-support bracket, the fence sets at any angle without a gap between the fence and the table surface.
  • in both directions 2 x 45° mitre cross-cut fence.
  • The cast iron power feed “fold away” support table.
  • With the wheelsystem, you can easily move your machine.
  • The 3-knives Tersa cutter block offers you all the confort and precision when changing the knives.

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  • Combined machine HX
    • Spindle arbor
    • Setting the height
    • Morticer unit
    • Tenoning table
    • Support table
    • Jointer fence
    • Mitre cross-cut fence
    • Support table
    • Wheel system
    • Tersa cutter block

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