HBM-75 Hydraulic Horizontal Bending Machine

  • HBM-75   Hydraulic Horizontal Bending Machine
  Metric (mm) Imperial (inch)
Cylinder force 75 Tons 82 Short Tons
Cylinder stroke length 350mm 13-3/4"
Forward speed 8.9mm/sec 0.35"/sec
Return speed 9.9mm/sec 0.93"/sec
Fixing holes ø118mm x 1 ø4-5/8" x 1
ø83mm x 3 ø3-1/4" x 3
Bending punch height 300mm 12"
Bending capacity 300mm x 12mm 12" x 1/2"
(Single-V die)
NC backgauge 1016mm 40"
(HBM-NC models only)
  •  Excellent repeatability of cylinder stroke at accuracy of ±0.1mm (±0.004”).
  •  Easy to learn programmable controller.
  •  Name-brand electric and hydraulic components ensure reliability of entire machine.
  •  Manual backgauge is included for accurate positioning.

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  • HBM-75

    The hydraulic horizontal bending machine is the new addition to the SUNRISE product line of high quality and reliable hydraulic metal working machines. A wide range of tooling is available for different bending operations.

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