5300W 50~60Hz
400 V AC 3P N PE
3000 D/dak. RPM
D:250mm d:30/32mm
103 Lt/dk
6~8 bar
103x198x197 cm
1205 kg
1080 kg
max h 170 min h 30 max b 130 min b 30 mm
min h 400 min b 400 mm
  • After welding, operator or Robot
    mechanism (SA 260) automatically takes
    the frame from the place where the
    cleaning process start and carry out the
    cleaning of the flashes by means of the
    spinning mechanism
  •  Zero and standard welding can be selected
    from the screen
  •  All units parameters can be set inde
    pendently according to the frames
  •  Automatic frame and sash profile
    recognition system
  •  Automatic line can be made by combining
    with Four Corner Welding Mach.(DK 540),
    Cooling Unit (SA 250) and Rotating Robot
    (SA 260) at a later date
  •  Eliminate the flashes on the lower and
    up per surfaces by two independently
    operated cleaning units (CNC 610)
  •  Memory capacity of 6500 profiles
  •  Windows based industrial PC and 15’’ LCD
    touch screen color monitor
  •  Remote connection via internet and pro
    viding technical support
  •  Manual adjustment of cutting and axial
    speeds on the control panel
  •  Transferring facility of the new programs
    via USB
  •  Portable touch screen control panel
  •  Low pressure control valve
  •  Automatic central lubrication system
  •  Phase control equipment
  •  11 pcs. of tooling units such as milling
    cutters and saw blades are included in
    standard equipment
  •  Processing capacity with 200-270 window
    frames in 8 hours

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  • CNC 608

    Corner Cleaning Machines are designed for the cleaning of welding chips of PVC profiles that is welded at angle of 90°. CNC 608: 2 x servo drive motors, CNC 610: 4 x servo motor drives.

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